Dreams – Before You Buy


Dreams (PS4) is the long awaited creation engine from Media Molecule, the folks behind Little Big Planet. How does this work? Is it good? Let’s talk.
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  1. Dreams is a Tool on PS4 / PS4 PRO

    Like as soon as Dreams get to have an "official" extended librabry with LOW TERMO items (for the poeple who have not played it = to make objects "cost" less CPU & GPU attention) + lets say 2022 PSVR2. It will explode.

    To be honest the one thing that I would rather know is, will they let the assets be exported ? Cause as soon as people have top export of the work they did , this would equal cash. I would argue that it will be difficult to make export on that bubblebath engine, as this would need coverting to polygons ?

    Would it ?

  2. Hey, thanks for the great videos. Iv been playing dreams now for a year and the game has really moved forward. There are some fantastic games out in dreams now, have you considered coming back and doing a second review now that it’s had some time to grow?

  3. Thats the beauty of dreams you get the choice to create or explore what others have created as gamers thats what we do anyway and if you look at all the games that have been created you be shocked

  4. Like their other game, Little big planet, they made the entire story of little big planet with the tools they give you to create your own levels which Is something I love about Media Molecule

  5. 1 year later…
    Has Falcon stuck with Dreams and build anything? Would he like some help in doing so? I am sure there is something he would like to make…

  6. It honestly kinda hurts to look through these comments and seeing people realizing what an amazing concept this game is, but also acting like it's brand new. Little Big Planet (also made by MediaMolecule) was very much a spiritual predecessor to this game, and unfortunately not enough people remember it

  7. Alright, as a 3D character artist, that has used both Unreal and Unity, I'm confused and mind blown at the same time. First game engines are not normally the place where assets are created: I make my characters using like 5 different softwares then import them into the game engines.
    But yeah apart from that,
    I don't get it, how do they sculpt characters without a pen and tablet, how do they model things without a mouse and keyboard!?!? Can somebody give me some light on that please! I'm already mind fucked that all of that is done from within Dreams and not imported from other sources, but man, no pen and tablet, no mouse and keyboard WHAT!? HOW!!

  8. The problem with Roblox is that it’s too professional for kids to create and code games so adults make games for kids. However in Dreams, their goal is for all ages to use their imagination using simple and professional tools. It’s a massive win for Dreams, and honestly I am sold after watching this video.

  9. Somebody please explain this game for me, I don't know how to program or do anything, i haven't found any USEFUL tutorials in the game for how to… Let's say, program a gun that you can pick up and drop, please please someone help me to understand this game


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